Rope Twist Urn

In the 1940's--1950's when smoking was in vogue, Steuben Glass produced a selection of Smoking Accessories including the 3" #7878 Rope Twist Urn. As times have changed, the original intended use as a Cigarette Holder has been updated to many other practical uses such as Toothpick Holder, Paper Clip Holder, etc.!!! Properly signed and in excellent condition. Note that only one available--not two.

Steuben Piece #7878

Massive Two Handled (Cigar) Ashtray

Introduced in the 1940's, the 8 1/2"D. #7934 Massive Ashtray is the most impressive Ashtray design ever produced by Steuben Glass. This heavy piece is properly signed and in excellent condition---always a major issue when buying this type of functional Steuben Glass item on the resale market!!!

Steuben Piece #7934

Medium Ashtray w/ Sloping Bowl

In the 1940's--1950's, Steuben Glass produced a variety of Ashtrays which also serve as all purpose candy/nut dishes. One of the more substantial designs was the 5 1/4" wide #8028 Ashtray with Sloping Bowl. Properly signed and in excellent condition--a major issue on the resale market for this type of functional piece.

Steuben Piece #8028