Monument Valley

Designed by Bernard X. Wolff and introduced in 1984, the 8 3/4" wide and 6 1/2" high #0358 Monument Valley is a solid crystal form cut and deeply sand sculpted to depict a moon-drenched scene--buttes, spires, dunes and sand flats such as nature carves from sandstone at various breathtaking locations in Arizona and Utah---Monument Valley being one of the most spectacular!! The pale cut moon hovers above the fantasy landscape; in some light, it appears as a blazing sun. This extremely heavy masterwork---one of only a few Steuben Glass exhibition pieces featuring the American Southwest---is properly signed, in excellent condition and handsomely presented in the original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #0358

Balloon Rally

Designed by Bernard X. Wolff in 1985, the extraordinary 10 1/4" #0361 Balloon Rally is one of the all-time best Steuben Glass masterworks. Peering into the glass, one can almost imagine soaring over a quaint New England village in one of the countless hot air balloons floating within this magnificent sculpture. The picturesque scenes, different from each viewing angle, are achieved by means of precise cuts and meticulous copper wheel engraving. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #0361

Green Heron: Nature's Fly-Fisher/Houston Limited Edition

In 1997 toward the end of his design career with Steuben Glass, James Houston created the extraordinary #0520 Green Heron: Nature's Fly-Fisher. This 8 1/4" wide masterwork was limited to an edition of 50 and quickly sold out. In a fascinating parallel to the art of fly fishing, the Green Heron will pluck a small feather from its breast and cast it on the water in front of itself--using the feather as a lure. Note the feather is 18K gold. Properly signed, numbered and in excellent condition with original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #0520

Excalibur/James Houston

In the late 1960's, legendary Steuben Glass designer James Houston created what proved to be the immensely popular and successful Major Ornamental Design Series. Houston was responsible for the first twelve or so pieces in the series and many others in subsequent years. Steuben Glass assigned a new stock number sequence for these products beginning with #1000 Excalibur and eventually continuing up past #1200 prior to the closing in 2011. Many of the Major Ornamentals include a gold or silver component. The #1000 Excalibur is definitely one of the most recognized iconic pieces ever produced by Steuben Glass. The crystal base is 4 1/2" wide and the total height with the sword in place is 8". Properly signed and in excellent condition.. Please note that the red leather case is not always available.

Steuben Piece #1000

Mouse & Cheese/James Houston

The 4" high #1006 Mouse & Cheese is a whimsical James Houston design featuring an 18K gold cast mouse perched eagerly on a wedge of crystal cheese. Properly signed and in excellent condition with the original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #1006

Crystal & Vermeil Turtle

The 5 1/2" #1016 Crystal & Vermeil Turtle features a cut and polished shell of solid crystal, body of silver and vermeil and eyes set with emeralds. The beneficent symbol of perseverance and long life, the turtle was thought by the early Indians to carry the earth on its back. Properly signed and in excellent condition. Definitely one of the more rare Major Ornamental Designs.

Steuben Piece #1016

Crystal &Vermeil Snail

Introduced in the early 1970's, the stunning 7" long #1028 Crystal & Vermeil Snail is one of the finest and most significant Major Ornamental Designs. This magnificent piece includes lapis lazuli tips on each antenna. Only produced for a few years, the C&V Snail remains one of the rarest pieces in the highly successful major Ornamental Design Series. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #1028

Lion with Wood Base

In the late 1980's, Steuben Glass introduced the #1126 9 1/2" Lion majestically resting on an attractive wood base. This regal animal has appeared as a figure of bravery and strength throughout the history of art. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #1126

Top of the World/Golf

The #1169 Top of the World, introduced in 1996, is the finest golf related design ever produced by Steuben Glass. This magnificent piece is 7 3/4" wide with an 18K gold flag stick and is perfectly sited on an attractive marble base. Properly signed and in excellent condition with original box.

Steuben Piece #1169