Balloon Rally

Designed by Bernard X. Wolff in 1985, the extraordinary 10 1/4" #0361 Balloon Rally is one of the all-time best Steuben Glass masterworks. Peering into the glass, one can almost imagine soaring over a quaint New England village in one of the countless hot air balloons floating within this magnificent sculpture. The picturesque scenes, different from each viewing angle, are achieved by means of precise cuts and meticulous copper wheel engraving. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #0361

Mouse & Cheese/James Houston

The 4" high #1006 Mouse & Cheese is a whimsical James Houston design featuring an 18K gold cast mouse perched eagerly on a wedge of crystal cheese. Properly signed and in excellent condition with the original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #1006