Strawberry Pendant/Necklace

In the late 1970's, Steuben Glass introduced several outstanding jewelry pieces with the most popular item being the #1055 Strawberry Pendant/Necklace. The 2" Strawberry features trapped air bubbles and an 18K gold stem which is beautifully presented on a 24" chain of 14K gold. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #1055

Audubon Plate--Arctic Tern

In the 1940's--1950's, Steuben Glass introduced a spectacular series of 10"D. copper wheel engraved plates with each one depicting the exact replica of an Audubon Bird print. The extraordinary detail of the engraving reflects the superior craftsmanship from this era in the history of the company. In total, there were 21 different birds featured in this series. Properly signed and in excellent condition. Note that some of the plates were signed with just the script "S" which is perfectly legitimate and acceptable.

Steuben Piece #2028AT

Audubon Plate--Bald Eagle

Steuben Piece #2028BE

Audubon Plate--Barred Owl

Steuben Piece #2028BO

Audubon Plate--Canada Goose

Steuben Piece #2028CG

Audubon Plate--Great Blue Heron

Steuben Piece #2028GBH

Audubon Plate---Horned Grebe

Steuben Piece #2028HG

Audubon Plate---Ruffed Grouse

Steuben Piece #2028RG

Audubon Plate--Snowy Egret

Steuben Piece #2028SE

Audubon Plate--Snowy Owl

Steuben Piece #2028SO

Audubon Plate--Swallow Tailed Kite

Steuben Piece #2028STK