To a Giraffe

In 1963, Steuben Glass introduced the Poetry in Crystal series comprised of pieces designed for specific poems by noted poets. Each edition was limited to only 11 examples so each one is extremely rare. The magnificent 18" #0005 To a Giraffe is one of the most impressive masterworks in the collection. Designed by Lloyd Atkins as an interpretation of Marianne Moore's poem "To a Giraffe", the solid crystal tusk features two mischievous monkeys peering through the legs of a stately giraffe who, unheeding, reaches up toward leaves engraved above. Properly signed, numbered and in excellent condition and beautifully presented in the original red leather case with red binder along with a special lighted base and black backdrop to further accentuate the display.

Steuben Piece #0005

Puma Rock

Introduced in 1969 and designed by Paul Schulze, the 8" high/5"wide/5" deep #0099 Puma Rock sculpture is limited to an addition of 100 examples. An 18K gold Puma steals over a rock of crystal--cut and polished in geometric planes. Indigenous to the New World, the Puma ranges from southern Canada to Patagonia. While nearly extinct in the eastern areas, he still roams the less settled lands of the West. Properly signed, numbered and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #0099

Butterfly Girl/Edition of 20

Introduced in 1973 and limited to an edition of only 20, the #0123 Butterfly Girl is an extraordinary sculpture cut in the sweep of a butterfly wing and engraved with a winged girl. Surrounded by her curling tresses, the butterfly girl is revealed within the curve of the wing. This stunningly beautiful design is 11" high, 8 1/2" wide and 3 3/4" in depth. Properly signed and in excellent condition with the original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #0123