Moses Breaking the Tablets/James Houston

Introduced in 1970 and designed by James Houston, the limited edition, 11" #0110 Moses Breaking the Tablets features a crystal precipice from which Moses casts down the tablets of the covenant given to him by the Lord. The figure of Moses is fashioned in 18K gold. Properly signed and in excellent condition with original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #0110

American Pronghorn/James Houston

Introduced in 1994 and only appearing in one annual catalogue at a price of $22000, only five of the 14" wide #0505 American Pronghorn sculptures were produced so it is a relatively unknown and extremely rare James Houston masterwork. An arc of crystal traces the soaring path of five American pronghorn leaping against the backdrop of a star filled sky. Properly signed and in excellent condition with the original red leather case. A special opportunity for any Steuben Glass/James Houston collector!!

Steuben Piece #0505