Close to the Wind/Sailing/Sailboats

Introduced in 1980, the #1068 Close to the Wind features two crystal sails suggesting a sloop close-hauled to the wind. The large 8" form represents the mainsail, the smaller the jib. This impressive sculpture vividly captures the essence of sailing--the sea, the wind and the speed. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #1068

Prelude & Fugue

Introduced in 1993, the 6" high #1160 Prelude & Fugue features musical notes adorning the magical design which seem to dance across the four perfectly matched solid crystal forms as the sculpture is turned on the black rotating base. Properly signed and in excellent condition with the original red leather case.

Steuben Piece #1160

Rose Bouquet

Introduced in 1995 and only available for a few years, the #1164 Rose Bouquet features a pair of copper wheel engraved roses beautifully positioned on the glass sculpture. Properly signed and in excellent condition, this elegant and romantic 8 1/2" design is the perfect gift for many special occasions.

Steuben Piece #1164


Introduced in 1994 and one of the all time most popular corporate gifts/awards, the 12" #8760 Partnership symbolizes a bridge that spans both time and distance--a supportive partnership is a bond to be celebrated. Beautifully displayed on a black granite base. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8760