Mariner's Bowl

The magnificent and impressive 15 1/4"D. #0054 Mariner's Bowl is a spectacular design by Sidney Waugh dating from 1938. The shallow bowl is intricately engraved with a compass rose theme. To the north, a bearded man holds an elaborate fleur-de-lis, a traditional symbol for this point of the compass, and to the south a woman reclines under a palm tree. To the east and west sea horses rear above the ocean. As an added element, the outer edge is engraved with an undulating wave motif. In excellent condition with the original red leather case. A truly outstanding Steuben Glass masterwork!! Note the metal stand is not available.

Steuben Piece #0054

Great Polar Bear

In the late 1960's--early 1970's, Steuben Glass introduced an extraordinary series of Great Animals which were inexplicably produced for only a few years---thereby making them extremely rare. The massive 11" long #5011 Great Polar Bear captures the weight and majesty of this beautiful animal. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #5011