Wide Mottled Mushroom

Steuben Glass produced seven different Mushrooms in the 1970's. Three featured smooth caps and four had mottled caps. All of these designs have been discontinued for many years and rarely appear on the resale market. The #8266 Wide Mottled Mushroom is 5 3/4" high and has a very wide cap. Signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8266


Introduced in 1990 and only produced for a few years, the 3" round #8600 Peach was the final major design in the Steuben Glass Fruit Family--joining the Pineapple, Banana, Pear, Fig, Grapes and Apple plus the individual Strawberries. Most Steuben Glass collectors are not even aware of the Peach so it is a treasured addition to every Fruit Bowl. Properly signed (usually with just the script "S") and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8600