14 1/2" Tall Candlesticks

In the mid-1950's, the extraordinary #8094 14 1/2" Tall Candlesticks were introduced--instantly becoming the ultimate Candlestick design and maintaining this lofty status until retired in the 1980's. Whether gracing an entry table or dining room table, these elegant Candlesticks are impressive and important in the history of Steuben Glass. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8094

King & Queen of Chess

Designed by Lloyd Atkins and introduced in 1973, the extraordinary #8277 King & Queen of Chess represent the finest elements in Steuben Glass form. The 10 3/4" King and the 10 3/8" Queen embody the graceful and elegant style of this era in Steuben Glass design. Only available for a few years, the long discontinued King & Queen are a stunning couple!!

Steuben Piece #8277

Tall Double Disk Candlestick with Silver Holder

Introduced in 1974 and only produced for a few years, the majestic 11 1/2" #8287 Double Disk Candlestick with sterling silver holder is elegant and impressive. Perfect for any dining table or special spot in your home. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8287