Tall Strawberry Mansion Vase

The extraordinary #7389 12 1/2" Strawberry Mansion Vase is one of the earliest and most important copper wheel engraved designs ever produced by Steuben Glass. The history of the design is also fascinating and noteworthy. In the late 1920's, a large group of prominent women in Philadelphia undertook the huge challenge of restoring the famous Strawberry Mansion which had fallen into disrepair. In the mid-1930's, to forever commemorate their major accomplishment, they commissioned Frederick Carder, founder of Steuben Glass, to create a special memorial for them. Finding an old colonial goblet near Corning that featured the Presidential Seal, Carder used this piece as the inspiration for the extensive Strawberry Mansion stemware and tableware pattern---examples of which can be found in the White House. The #7389 Tall Vase was the central piece with the largest surface to engrave the detailed Strawberry Mansion design. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #7389

Whirlpool Vase

Introduced in 1958 during the heyday of Steuben Glass design, the substantial 11" #8087 Whirlpool Vase features a wide opening to accept a large bouquet of flowers. This distinguished form showcases the elegance and style of Steuben Glass pieces from this era. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8087

11 1/2" Rose Vase

Since the 1950's, the graceful and elegant 11 1/2" #8090 Rose Vase has remained one of the all time favorite Steuben Glass Tall Vases. The perfect home for long stemmed flowers, the Vase soars upward, cinched at the waist by a belt of curvaceous crystal bits in the shape of leaves. Properly signed and in excellent condition which is a major issue for functional pieces in the marketplace.

Steuben Piece #8090

Fountain Vase

The magnificent 10" #8099 Fountain Vase was introduced in 1960 but was only available for a short time. The intricate detailing of the droplets made it a very difficult design to produce so the piece was quickly dropped from the line---making the Fountain Vase a rare as well as beautiful example of Steuben Glass elegance and functionality. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8099

Tall Momentum Vase/Bowl

In 1986, Steuben Glass introduced a set of three Art Deco/Modern Vessels named the Momentum Collection. Only produced for a few years, the 7 1/4" #8540 Tall Momentum Vase/Bowl was the most popular form in the series. To express the force of circular motion, concentric paths trace the form of these innovative designs--capturing shining streams of light. Properly signed and in excellent condition.

Steuben Piece #8540